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Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 130%

$11.85 per share

Negro cassava farm

Negro cassava farm

Let us drive hunger away from our community through youth empowerment

Olanipekun Adewale



ROI: 1651%

$31.16 per share

buy shares online

When you buy stock, you ownership in the issuing company’s financial support. As an owner, you have certain rights. For example, an investor in the the right to receive dividends if the company has achieved a sufficient tors also have the ability to buy shares online sell their shares for profit. You must purchase individual , or an investment fund (a bowl of Mali owns what may amount to thousands of investors).market is a private commercial market equities. In the United States, for example, the basic exchanges: the New York Exchange and the Exchange National Association of Securities Dealers Automated
and falls based on supply and demand. When there is a large demand for a particular stock, its rises; because there are a greater number of potential compared to those wishing to sell. While if the number wishing to sell a larger number of potential , declining price.
The share price is a reflection of the esteem and the opinion of the investment community of the value of the Which should be observed that it does not necessarily have to be identical to the price of the true value of the company. This means that prices in the short term -aly geographically central usually affected by the feelings and impressions of individuals, rather than being influenced by the facts and realistic value. Price may move based on the information, and misinformation, rumors!
Your goal as an investor in the markets that you are buying of companies expected to increase their value over time. If the issuing company has succeeded in building equity and increase their profits, investors will want to more When the for the price of a purchase, you can make options in

Farm agricultural produce supply

products of agriculture supply for income

Yahaya Lawal

by Yahaya Lawal


$18.70 per share

To buy shares online is not that complicated, if you have hard your eyes on some company shares but you are not sure where to start. The easiest and cheapest way to buy is through the internet, from what Is called a share dealing platform, because it allows you to buy from the various companies listed on the stock exchange. Some get listed on the bord after the may have completed an initial public offering, a process which takes them from private to public allowing them to eventually buy part of it online. So the basic principle is, if an organization that make or sells something or provide a service is listed on an exchange you can buy some of it. Form this many people can purchase and sell and trade on the stock market, and however the price to find out the fact about some products, is by the supply and demand from prospective people who own and the other who want to give it out at any particular time, the higher many and different individuals ask for it will drive it up (the lower the lower the demand for it do the opposite). I advise that anyone who is reading this to research and make more enquiries about it thank you.

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Rudolf Dulik

by Rudolf Dulik


$30.80 per share

Buy shares online over the Internet this has become a trader between people and earns a thousand dollars I personally earn $ 100 per of trading in the Forex First, you need to understand the risks. Yes, share prices can rocket, but they can also plummet - and there are no guarantees either way. For example, you might buy 50 shares in Company A at 500p a share. The shares could climb to 600p in the first few months, but then drop to 400p after some poor trading results.
Your £ original 250 stake would now be £ worth 200, a loss of £ 50.
It could recover again - or it could fall even further.
This risk element means you should only ever invest money in shares that you can afford to lose. In other words, make sure you can pay your mortgage and any other essential bills before you start dabbling in the stock market.
You also have to choose an account you start share and these most people use what’s known as a nominee account. Your shares are then held in the stockbroker’s name and the firm administers your investments electronically on your behalf. However, you are still the ultimate owner, though you should check that you will receive all shareholder information as well as any shareholder perks such as, for example, discounts associated with the companies whose share you buy. Cost of buying shares
You can start trading as soon as you put money into your account, which must often be with a cheque or debit card. But it’s important to fully understand the costs involved with buying shares. The stockbroker will charge a commission for each deal, which can be a flat rate or a percentage. The rate of commission will depend on a number of factors, including the type, size and frequency of the transaction. Thus, you can achieve very substantial profits

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Charli  D'amelio

by Charli D'amelio


$33.00 per share

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