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- That the stock share in the capital of public joint stock company or a major private company, so that it is negotiable in the private markets called money or stock markets or stock exchanges markets known. When you create a public joint stock company is a capital divided into small units - usually one unit of the base currency of the State, for example, one dinar or one dollar - to make it easier to deal with later on in the financial market.

--buy stocks internet :
- Online stock trading commerce or trading is a process of buying and selling to make profits and be in any commodity tangible or intangible, and tangible goods such as primary metals and materials manufacturers and dispute and the intangibles such as patents, trademarks and other, so it is evident that trade is only the exchange between the parties of two different commodities for the purpose of profit or loss. With the rapid development and remarkable growth in trade and the buying and selling new methods and techniques have emerged to make it easier to participate in projects and large companies that are unable to implement a single person or a modest capital investors and here emerged the so-called subscription and stock trading.

* Stock price rises and falls based on supply and demand. When there is a large demand for a particular stock, its price rises; because there are a greater number of potential buyers compared to those wishing to sell. While if the number wishing to sell a larger number of potential buyers, declining share price.
* Share price is a reflection of the esteem and the opinion of the investment community of the value of the stock. That must be noted that it does not necessarily have to be identical to the price of the true value of the company. This means that prices in the short term aly geographically central usually affected by the feelings and impressions of individuals, rather than being influenced by the facts and realistic value. Price may be acting on the information.


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you buy stocks internet To spread risk, a fund could be the best way to begin. Although it is easy to buy shares in a single company, it is just as easy to buy an investment made up of the shares of 150 companies - a fund such as a unit trust or an open-ended investment company (Oeic).

’Using a fund avoids putting all your eggs in one basket,’ says Robin Stoakley, managing director for UK retail at Schroders investment managers.

You can also buy investment trusts and guaranteed equity bonds (GEBs). Investment trusts, like funds, are a collection of shares in companies but have a more complex structure than unit trusts or Oeics. GEBs are invested in a number of stocks, but run for a set period and usually promise to return the initial amount invested, plus a set amount of growth.

Another golden rule is to leave your investment alone for the medium term - at least three and prefbly five or more years. A stock market investment needs time to develop, and huge gains in short periods are unlikely. ’Time, not timing, is the friend of the investor,’
’Using a fund avoids putting all your eggs in one basket,’ says Robin Stoakley, managing director for UK retail at Schroders investment managers.


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There are many ways in which people can use to describe buy stocks internet, but in my own word it’s simple means the process or the method of trading stock online or net. the main basic of the topic is that it deals with how to buy and sell bond online. To obtain one you have to be on net because it is very easy to buy through this medium without any stress to obtain or to give it out physically, when buying u can use different or many ways to pay for the services rendered to you, one of them is by the use of credit card and the other is by meeting in person or by using cash. When paying with cash their are things you have to consider before you enter any agreement with the person of group of people you are negotiating with, you have to first of all know if the are real business men, in order not to fall in the scam master. And you have to also know if you you will gain profit when you purchase or gain anything, then you bargain with each other and agree on a price. Like I said before the second is by meeting in person or using of cash. This is a physical method of paying for a good or any thing you want to obtain so you have to be present before any transaction.


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