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Brai flow records

Brai flow records

Producer Phill Mugabi International Mobile Audio Recording and music production

Phillip Mugabi



ROI: 870%

$18.88 per share

Fees gh comedy

Fees gh comedy

Achieving the interest in people through comedy

Eric Kofi

Eric Kofi


ROI: 668%

$17.68 per share

Java game development framework

Java game

Developing a cross-platform Java game framework based on OpenGL for Windows

Shinichi Uchide



ROI: 168%

$5.30 per share

investing in shares

Actually, the money investing in shares of Internet a good idea but requires some effort and work smart and find ways and means of development and proximity and access of customers very much because the client has the comfort of alwayes than anything else.In our view, a direct investment in shares is important, as it will provide both capital and income growth. By contrast, fixed interest investments will provide solid income, however, they will not provide income growth or capital growth. Shares also provide a high degree of liquidity, which allows investors to readily access their capital should their circumstances change.The key decisions are stock selection and portfolio weightings. Somerset Smith Partner’s qualified and experienced advisers are ideally positioned to advise investors on the best course of action.We seek to provide our clients with an advantage, by maintaining careful and considered strategies. We pride ourselves on being “stock pickers” and long term holders of the good performers of a portfolio. We are prepared to back selections with overweight positions, and this has seen our portfolios outperform others, particularly market or index related funds so that the money invested in the purchase of shares of Internet a good idea

Forex stable income

Step by step Let's grow together Let's make money

Reshd Bitar

by Reshd Bitar


$12.10 per share

For novice investors stock market may be the beginning of the formation of capital. But wait. Before you take the first step and plunge into the world of the market, you should carefully study the principles and working conditions. Do not think that it is a waste of time. Additional knowledge can have a significant impact on the final result. Time spent on training and on finding parts, quickly and repeatedly will pay off. Before investing in the shares of a certain Issuer, you need to consider many factors that can affect the profitability of this asset.
Novice when choosing a stock should, in the first place, to pay attention to the securities of well-known and popular companies with good reputation. We should start effortlessly, by investing a small amount. Then you can gradually increase the monthly investment amount, taking into account the experience.

It is useful to determine investing goals and terms of investment. The most profitable and safe for the investor a long-term investment. In addition, these investments are accompanied by fewer risks. Short-term investments more risky, as the investor can obtain significant profit or lose everything.

It is recommended to constantly study the information about new trends in investing in shares, changes in the markets and the assessments of the specialists of different stocks. Sources of this information can serve as thematic publications in Newspapers and magazines and on web sites. If you make informed choices about the receipt of income from investments in other investments, you need to be aware of any changes in the market.

Oil spillage clean up

Oil spills are a common event in Nigeria

Joseph Nwokolo

by Joseph Nwokolo


$16.50 per share

owning a company’s shares means that the person actually owns a proportion of the company .
any share holder takes profit when the company is profiting at the end of the financial period , and also loses when the company lose .
therefore , investing in shares is a bit risky if the person who intend to be a share holder don’t know the basics of the share behaviour of the company .
but on the other side , investing in shares is the most profitable method of investing . and to take the most of it , the investor must know which companies to buy thier shares and when to buy them and when to sell them (if the investor intend to take the process of buying and selling to make his profit ).
the investor must study the company’s share behaviour among the financial period to know exactly when the share has its lower price to buy when the price hits that point , and when to sell the share at the highest price to gain his profit .
sometimes emergent price drop happens to the share (like the death of one of the founders of the company ) and that point is the best to buy the shares , because the share price drop to even lower than its lowest price and after the crisis pass away the profit would be at the maximum level .


When Supporting entertainment becomes fun

Aaron Lawrence

by Aaron Lawrence


$13.97 per share

Craiova, Romania

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