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share market online

share market online.

Shares are one of the four main investment types, along with cash, bonds and property. They carry risk, but they can offer the highest returns. This guide explains how they work, and what the risks can be, so you can decide whether shares might be right for you.
What are shares?

Top tip: before you make any decision about buying or selling shares or funds, find out as much as you can about the company or fund. Do your own research or get financial advice.

Shares (also known as equities) are like tiny fractions of a company. If you own one, you own a little bit of the company and a proportion of the company’s value.
You can own shares yourself, or you can pool your money with other people in a collective investment often known as a fund.
Funds buy a selection of shares, which are chosen and managed by a fund manager. If you put your money into funds, you don’t have to do the work of choosing the individual investments.
When you own shares directly you become a shareholder, which usually means you have the right to vote on some company decisions. This doesn’t happen if you invest in a fund.
Shares are bought and sold on the stock exchange. Shares from big companies are traded on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) – you’ll hear these called ‘listed shares’ – and smaller companies are traded on the Alternative Investments Market (AIM).

How investing in shares works

Investing in shares means buying and keeping them for a while in order to make money. There are two ways of getting money from shares of a company:

The new tax free band means everyone is entitled to a tax-free Dividend Allowance of £5,000 per year. Married couples (and registered civil partners) can split their taxable dividend income between them and reduce tax liability by up to £1,625 (or 32.5%) per year.

If the company grows and becomes more valuable, the share is worth more – so your investment is worth more too.
Some shares pay you part of the company’s profits each year, called a dividend.
If you buy shares in larger, long-established companies you’ll probably get dividends, but you may not get rapid growth. Shares that pay regular dividends are good for getting an income or the dividends can be reinvested to grow your capital. Dividend income is taxed at a different rate from savings interest.


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Share market online can suit a different of investment methods and they are easy to invest in. The variety of shares available lead you to aim to make your capital big, earn income tegularly through business, or try to do both. You can buy and sell shares on famous markets anywhere in the world

Bear in mind that stock and share carry more dangerous than other investments, so if you are thinkong about investing in that field you shlould be careful and informative about the stratigies. Funds, cash saving and bonds are a type of other invedtment which should be put in concern.

In addition, there is a greater opportunity of both wider gains and wider losses in gene. By dividing your portfolio, it can protect it from the unbalanced income.

How stocks and shares work
Investments stock and share can fit some goals and stratigies.

In some shares market if you buy a share, you get a part of ownership of the company. Voting in certain issues will become your right to do it. The regular conduct of the business is done by a board of people who are directors under shareholders. Performance and ordinary are two basic kinds of shares.

Ordinary shares are the most . Preference shares could give a priority for holders when it comes to payment of dividends and on company’s liquidation but they don’t usually carry the rights to vote.

Preference shareholders usually receive regular,dividend and fixed payments. However while the dividend is fixed, there is less desire for the share price to increase over the long time.
Fiversified portfolio can be created by holding shares from differents companies in different regions and industries. That will help to spread the risk which will help you to achieve returns.


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