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Shinichi Uchide



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Min myat


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share market online

It is expected that this year the value and role shopping Internet sites will increase significantly for most offline retailers, they will become the main distribution channel. A certain share of logic and common sense in this, because, many consumers prefer a product search on the Internet for hours going to different stores, and trading platforms combine products of different categories (clothes, household chemicals, plumbing, phones, appliances, etc.) in one place. The share market online will grow this year by 40%. As reported, the potential for growth is tremendous. This statement is based on the fact the share of electronic Commerce in the structure of retail trade of Ukraine is only slightly higher than the modest 2%. For comparison, in Germany – 12% USA – 13% UK – 15%. Predict that in 2016, approximately 30-40% of online shoppers will use share market online to select and order goods and services. It is noted that more women than men visit online shopping from mobile devices. However, it is not surprising, given the most popular categories of goods. Thus, any business whose target audience is women in 2017 needs to pay maximum attention to the adaptation of sites under mobile devices.

Forex stable income

Step by step Let's grow together Let's make money

Reshd Bitar

by Reshd Bitar


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Share market online.
At these times, the are many ways to gain money and live a happy and comfortable life. Every now and then more ways appear and they just simply amaze us, and indeed, lazy people tend to be the happiest. One those amazing ways are online share markets. Those markets are simply online and they don’t need that much of effort in doing it in it’s fullest and best way. First of all, these markets are extremely risky. You never know if you will lose or gain money. So before enrolling with these markets, you need to read a lot about them and how they often work. Having a good amount of money at the beginning may become an advantage for you. You need to practice a lot using a little amount of shares with cheap prices, so that the loss won’t be much, if there is any. Sometimes the price of your share falls and sometimes it rises, depending on the share’s value in the market. If you want to be successful, you need to be special. In fact, you need to have some shares that almost no one around you owns. Like this you will attract buyer and you will definitely gain some huge amount of money. This jobs is -again- too risky and needs someone with a huge heart the can actually have a lot of patience!

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Joseph Nwokolo

by Joseph Nwokolo


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share market online began online since only a years; where the number of investors did not exceed the time a hundred, then it developed until it reached more than 5 million investor Currently, this number represents a nearly 20% of the global market, but the experts forecasts indicate the number of investors over the Internet in this area will become a 20 million at the end of the world in 2005
Any Internet user if the thought that invests money to him in this trade, he should know the rules, and the risks involved in the process of buying and selling on the Internet, as well as some procedural processes, such as opening an account on the Internet and the method of as well as how to read tables? It is what we are trying to answer in the next lines ..
- Investment and risk rules.
- Method of account opening
- How to read tables?
- Sites for trading, indicators and references.
Investment and risk rules
Transactions increased market online service increased significantly both in terms of options or the number of customers or amounts as a result of the growing demand for the deal on the Internet, instead of dealing with a foreign brokge firms.
Some may also resort to these companies where churning broker based on his behalf in the process of ing and selling of Internet, the advantage to deal with companies they provide a service to the customer analysis on the best and the right time to or sell, and so there are some genral guidelines


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Aaron Lawrence

by Aaron Lawrence


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