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1 year ago Reshd said:

I'm trying to increase the dividins for my investors but I don't know how . Can anybody assist?

11 months ago Pallage chaminda wrote:

best digital  share  online buy  and  sell go

11 months ago Obinna wrote:

I have been trying to withdraw over 60 days now the system kept saying I can withdraw once in 30 days.  please how long do I stay I have stayed over 60 days

12 months ago Sumit wrote:

Dear rashe,

How can you withdrow your mony again under 7 days,Did your privious transaction was failed,if i am not wrong.

1 year ago Sumit wrote:

may be its fake site,it was disebled the paypal option from cash out


1 year ago Chetna wrote:

Hey .. can u tell me how to sell my shares holding .. ���� .. any tatics behind it ... 

1 year ago Sumit wrote: say 2-4 business day it means we have to wait,
same i also requested