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Dear All, We all know that a successful business is always based on honesty, trust, and Morality. Any business outside these qualities does not fail exponentially. I am convinced that the success of Purchase Shares Online will be beneficial to all of us. Therefore, the terms, conditions, and rules must be respected for the sake of sustainable business ( On 6 May 2020, I had 89 bonus points which allowed me to cash out once in 30 days by $22.00. However, You only allowed me $20, a few days later you declined that transaction without any reason! I did not lose hope or trust! I invested $31.9 by buying new shares so that I can gain more bonus points. After getting 101 points which allowed me to cash out once in 4 days, I withdraw $28 (on 17 May 2020). Surprisingly, this transfer was declined as well. I kept pushing and bought other shares. Later on 23 May 2020, I withdraw again, however, the transaction was declined again! Speechless, I wonder what is going on with you or your system? Why are you behaving in this way? We all need the success of this platform and I guarantee you that with honest, this platform can be one of the biggest achievements in share market business. Let have a plan for generations, let together build a new world order for the share market. As we all know, with contact us the option, we got always the same reply from an autoreply robot. Any suggestion or support on how to solve that issue might be helpful (Please message me at Kindly regard, Francois.