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3d bathroom tiles design

Dealing in the best design for bathroom and toilets in penthouse and flats

Oseni Damilare

by Oseni Damilare


$ 13.47 per share

Reputation: 100.00% (positive +0, 0)
Credit Rating: A+
This share is A+ rating. It provides best annual and recently quarterly earnings, highest sales growth, profit margins and return on equity, also strongest relative price.

$ 14.82 per share

-$1.06 (-6.7%)

Daily Dividend: $0.44

Annual Return: 1065.46%

Total shares: 2,057

Shares for Sale: 42

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This project is about providing enough funds to finance this wonderful production of quality tiles for bathrooms and toilets. We have a very great plan and we've been flourishing since 8 years now. 

our plans

Our plan is to help people generate some income from our company through this project, to get many investors and let them benefit from this massive project and for us to make great profits together. 

about us

We're a very standard company that are into home design since 8 years ago, we have branches all over south and north america and are planning to expand our authorities to other continents like Europe and Africa. We have trusted and honest set of administrators and we hope it's going to be a great and wonderful project.