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Rescuers of the voiceless

We need funds to rescue stray dogs from the death row!

Tito Sky

by Tito Sky



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We are a team of 3 persons at the moment trying our very best to rescue the dogs of Mauritius. We are based in the city of Flacq and we recently started this initiative after struggling to stop the atrocities. In that respect, ROTV, has resolved to take things in our hand so that we can help saving some lives.




our plans

We will use funds received from investors to pay for veterinary services which will mainly include neutering and also cater for injuries. In the long run we plan to construct a shelter for the rescued dogs depending on the funds available. 

about us

First of all we are dog lovers. We are passionate of what we do for the voiceless angels. We look forward to bring in more people in the future once our project begins to flourish. However whether the project will be successful or not depends mainly on our financial situation, but our aim is the same: rescue as many dogs as possible.