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Hand made decorations for the home and more

Mariusz Matuszewski

by Mariusz Matuszewski



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It started a few years ago, when a bored young mother, when the child slept, came up with the idea of pulling an old sewing machine out of the closet.

She started sewing something. But what to sew? From what is the Internet. She looked for inspiration and sewed the first thing that we still do not know what to call it.

She took the first step, looked through the tutorials, learned how to do something, the first mascots from several different materials, decorating cardboard boxes for small items, pompoms, mascot bracelets, dolls, elephants, hares, various animals, blankets, pennants and pennants many more, few photos below.



what do we need

We need funds first and without it. We strive for non-returnable funding on the spot. we are in the process of completing the formalities. At the beginning, before we start spinning it will be difficult. The costs of renting and equipping the store, purchasing materials and advertising are waiting for us. The store will also be our workshop. We already have some of the equipment, but we still have a long way to go.

who we are

We are a family, we are three, Mariusz, Jolanta and our son Mateusz, from whom everything began. In December he will have an eighth birthday. We can therefore assume that we have been involved in handicrafts for about 8 years


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