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Goats farming

Help us achieve, let the power of animal make us move a step

David Irungu

by David Irungu



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Alot of research has been in kenya by most of Agro entrepreneur and on finalise, it is said that in Kenya, goat business has been the highest growing deal in kenya for its demand for meat and fresh milk in the region. Me and my agriculture members we have  come up with this idea of farming(goat) whereby we will be buying goats(male) at their early stage(young) of which thry will be bought cheaper raise them to a certain stage where they will be ready to be sold out making a high profit. 


 All goats(male)will be castrated for higher meat production hence the goals of this project is to make profit on meat products and it being our main focus. 





what do we need


 We need to raise a capital of about $10000 as early as possible  to fund our project stability and manage every expense incurred in the whole operation. Through you we can meet our expectation and make the project success. We need your help. 






about us


 We are a team of qualified agriculturists opting to make a project that will help the needy and the society at large in Africa from its profit. 

With Full support, we will try our best to help all sort of helplessness situation in the society and make the disable be able. 

Our hope is to build a bright future for everyone financially and physically. Thank you.





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